We knew within the first few minutes of Danica’s interview that she was the right fit for Health Insurance Specialist.  She started out as our Executive Assistant to help with the extra work of Open Enrollment, but quickly became part of the Health Insurance Specialist family.  Danica’s hard work and dedication led her to decide to become a licensed agent.  She received her property and casualty license in the fall of 2016 and her Health and Life insurance license in 2017. When she is not in the office, Danica spends her time with her husband and three beautiful children; two daughters and one son.  They keep her on her toes with their school work and sports.  It is no wonder organization comes so easily to her, she has been handling five schedules and running a household for years. Danica is now our Employee Benefit Specialist. She handles much of the daily correspondence in the office and assists clients with both their group and individual health insurance needs. She is the calm in our occasional storm and she keeps the office organized and running smoothly.   Danica is a great asset to our team and is a huge part of what makes Health Insurance Specialist unique.  She knows the clients, and she works diligently to try to meet their insurance needs.